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Lore Rewrite. Jade Kingdom Rewrite [Incomplete]
500 years ago, the Drake and Jade kingdoms lived in harmony. The world was one of peace and prosperity, as both kingdoms co-existed within the bounds of their treaties, though not all was as well as things seemed. Nestled within the drake kingdom a small political movement led by a man known as Shad El'Tiar, he was a man of very little power and wealth, but his ideas of expansion and dominance for all in the Drake kingdom drove him to cease power.
Once in power Shad El'Tiar restructured the political and social structures set within the Drake Kingdom, he consolidated his power to the point his reign was never to end and with the people of the Drake kingdom under his absolute power he set out to destroy the Jade Kingdom.
His first move was to create a weapon of unimaginable power; a weapon that would be capable of decimating any who chose to challenge it. He sent out expedition parties to search for materials necessary, most of which came back unsuccessful or did not come back at all.  
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 1 0
A Widow's Guilt
The room is dark and dusty. There is a small light coming down from the ceiling, it is broken and flickering. In the centre of the room there is a table, on that table lies evidence in relation to the trial. The scene opens with a shot of Det. PAUL REVESBY, 24, medium height and an outgoing detective fresh out of the academy, standing in one corner whilst KATE GALLAGHER, 27, Small, Brunette girl, and prime suspect in the murder of STEPHEN GALLAGHER, sits handcuffed to the chair.
(Turns around and sits)
Look... We have DNA evidence linking you to the crime. You had the motive. You've even said that he use to beat you.
Just because my husband beat me, didn't mean I killed him.
That maybe true Kate, but your epithelials were found all over the murder weapon.
Paul hands the report to Kate. There is a knock at the door. Det. Revesby opens the door.
Kate your lawyer
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 0 0
Dead Boy's Poem
So much to die for, Not enough to live for.
A letter of goodbye to no one.
If I had a place, I could call my own
A place to escape from the disdainful people that rule my life,
Then maybe thing would be different.
There became a point where being wanted,
Was a thrill I never knew…
So here it is,
My goodbye to all of you.
I wish I didn't feel for you anymore,
I wish it would go away,
But the grip you had upon my heart,
Was taken from me today.
If for once you didn't hurt me
And put me through that pain,
Then maybe, just maybe,
I would have made a gain.
And to those of you I called my friends,
You were all so horrible.
You never really cared,
You just pretended to.
So I hope that you will all see,
That my blood is on your hands,
For the years that you all abused me,
For the years that you put me through hell,
The torture of you words,
The scars you all caused.
So read these words,
As they bury me below
6 feet under,
In a grave marked unknown.
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 1 2
Divine Reckoning - Chapter 1
"They say that when the powers of good and evil collide, nothing is left afterwards, not even existence, but I've seen good and evil collide and all that was left was purgatory."
Kayle shot up from her bed. The sheets were covered in sweat. She stood up, collapsed to the ground and tried to regain her strength. She stood up again, this time supporting herself against the wall. She slowly walked across to the window, trying not to collapse. She was very weak, the dreams she had been having lately felt quite real.
Trying to regain her energy, Kayle peered out the window of her high rise apartment which overlooked Eden's central district. It's a beautiful day, Kayle thought to herself as her strength started to return to her. Her head was aching, this dream felt as if it was reality. Each night the dreams seemed to becoming even more real.
She slowly made her way into the bathroom, turned on the tap and splashed some water on her face. She stopped and looked at herself in the mirror, she
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That Feeling
You dont know it
untill you've been there,
You havent been there
unless you've tried.
Sure it maybe dangerous,
but don't run and hide
Chase it...
Embrace it...
Let the feeling flow,
then and only then,
you will begin to know.
Because you would
have been there,
because you would
have tried,
You would have
conqured that fear,
You did not run and hide.
Once it is over,
You'll want it all again,
that lovely feeling flowing,
through your body and soul again.
And it is only then,
you will truly understand,
that lovely tingly feeling,
the one thats oh so grand.
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 1 0
Break Away
Break away from this reality,
Break away from the world around.
Slip that pill onto your tongue,
and begin to drown it down.
Break away from this reality,
Break away from the world around.
Let your head start spinning,
Let the feeling take control.
Break away from this reality,
Break away from the world around.
Let that numb feeling take its hold
Let that pain all slip away
Break away from the shackles
The shackles that bind your mind.
Let the drugs free you soul,
The ecstasy take control.
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 1 0
I need to escape this reality...
Enter a drug fueled fantasy.
The heart starts beating,
The pupils dilate.
My mind stars spinning,
The reality is slipping.
The euphoria is hitting,
Peaking... Peaking...
I can feel it
Flowing through my veins,
Taking away all those pains.
The numb feeling
The body tingling
Its so amazing
This MDMA craze.
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 0 0
MEMEMEMEMEME by Crossofdefeat MEMEMEMEMEME :iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 1 3
Left alone by you all,
Sadness instilled inside.
Hearts beating,
slower and slower...
These feelings of isolation...
Growing and Growing...
Abandoned I am...
Left out to die,
Left alone to wither,
Left alone to cry.
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 3 13
To Some Words are:
Just written on paper
Just blotches of ink
But In truth,
Words are more then just that.
They are the creators of life,
the paint on the canvas,
the blood, sweat and tears,
The emotions that we forge within our hearts.
They are tools we use
to invoke,
to inspire,
to engage.
Without words, there is no story,
No tales, no adventure...
Without words, we are nothing...
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 7 3
Under The Rain
Under the rain,
we held hands.
Under the rain,
we hugged.
Under the rain,
we kissed.
Under the rain,
we fell in love.
Under the rain,
we married.
Under the rain,
we grew old.
Under the rain,
we died...
and lived on
In the memories.
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 3 0
Hold My Hand
Hold my hand and show me the way
Show me the way to happiness...
Take my hand, sweep me off my feet,
Take me away and make me feel complete.
Hold my hand and guide me,
Guide me to your love...
Hold me, Feel me
Love me, embrace me..
Hold my hand and take me away...
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 3 1
Some believe and some do not,
I believe that there is a heaven...
but its not that divine place its seen to be.
My heaven is within your arms,
My heaven is seen in your smile,
With every kiss,
With every hug...
With every little thing you do.
My Heaven... Is You
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 7 2
Can You Hear Me?
Can You Hear Me?
This is my plea.
I'm calling out for all to see
That everyone of you out there.
Has the potential to be,
whoever you want...
Don't let society hold you back,
You are yourself, no one else.
Don't live your life to please anyone else
Live your life to please only yourself.
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 6 11
All I want to see,
Is just a glimpse,
Of your gorgeous smile.
Because it takes more muscles
To frown then to smile.
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 5 6
Love: An Emotion
An emotion that can;
Strengthen the weakest
Cripple the Strongest
It can make someone
Break someone
It can make you feel on top of the world
As if the world has fallen on top of you
But in the end,
Love is just a feeling,
That we cant live without,
Even though it brings us pain,
We strive to live in doubt…
That we will find that special one,
Who makes us feel so great?
But in the end love turns us down,
And that hole we tried to fill,
Just opens right up again…
:iconcrossofdefeat:Crossofdefeat 1 6


Sweeter than fiction download by newyorklife Sweeter than fiction download :iconnewyorklife:newyorklife 1 0
Mature content
Smashed Glass :iconmusicmyobsession:musicmyobsession 11 9
Secret. 10908 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 10908 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 346 168 Secret. 11009 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 11009 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 101 16 Secret. 10969 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 10969 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 118 28 Secret. 10970 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 10970 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 111 32 Lost by kerembeyit Lost :iconkerembeyit:kerembeyit 10,609 761 Financial District New York DD by marcialbollinger Financial District New York DD :iconmarcialbollinger:marcialbollinger 1,247 207 Secret. 9422 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 9422 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 42 42
Maybe when the poppies grow,
when their petals open wide,
maybe that's when we'll all know,
if they're on our side.
maybe when the last man's gone,
and when the plants begin to grow.
Maybe when the families mourn,
for those lost in the front row.
Maybe then the bang and blast,
fall silent once again,
maybe then this war won't last,
and we'll go home, my friend.
:iconskiniminni:skiniminni 14 23
With longing He embraced me
Caressed me ever so gently
Drew me into Him until I was no more
No longer separated, but one
Like a stream never ending
Full of adventure and teaming with life
Such is the nature of His love
Completely filling me to overflow
With fervent passion He came into me
Took His place as Owner of my heart
Serenading me as His queen
Hungry with desire I venture deeper in
To the courts of my Beloved and King
Like the fresh morning air He breathed me Life
He is my Husband and I am His wife
:icongracefully-changed:Gracefully-Changed 3 0
Sweet Surrender
Oh… moment of sweet surrender
Come quickly, make haste to my door
Before the agony crushes my soul
Before once again I fall broken to pieces
I still remember the day you passed me briefly by
Leaving pictures of peace and fragments of hope
With everything I had, to that thread I clung
Breathless, limp and torn as fragility rendered me so
Yet still with everything I was, I held dearly on
The time is nigh, I feel it so coursing through my bones
All strength consumed and desire sucked dry
My fingers slip slowly off my imagined hope, my forgotten dream
My longed for sweet surrender where have you gone…
No glimmer of a trace have you left behind
Will you ever come my way again, shall I see hope once more
Or is my heart no longer comely that you should look upon it
Heaven's drenching Mercy rain, ever lingering
But never pouring down your sweet surrender drops
Why do you taunt me so? Why cause me such ache…
Why turn your face away and remain back turned
Ah how I coil up with pai
:icongracefully-changed:Gracefully-Changed 3 14
The Only One For Me
As I sit here, I can't help but stare
(You are so beautiful)
You are the one, forever will I care
(You're the girl of my dreams)
I can't help but to think about you
(Every night and day)
You are always on my mind, all day through
(You are the love of my life)
You are the girl of my dreams
(I will protect you from strife)
You're the girl I want forever
(You're the only one for me)
I love you snuggles!
:iconthe-shifty-lion:The-Shifty-Lion 1 6
Night Elf by kerembeyit Night Elf :iconkerembeyit:kerembeyit 6,086 318 Secret. 9354 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 9354 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 175 33 Secret. 9355 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 9355 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 63 11


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I consider myself to be a poet/short story writer...
Words are my tools, emotions are my inspiration.
I take inspiration for my poetry from the events in my life, whilst my vivid imagination sparks the thought for my stories.


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